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The things fathers say can make or break their children. Fathers' words and actions shape their children's lives in so many crucial areas. Harsh words from fathers can crush their children's spirit and adversely affect them for life. Affirming, loving, life-giving words bless their children and help heal the wounds caused by fathers. A Father's Words examines the profound impact fathers' words have on their children. Christian Counselor Steve Rossi presents specific strategies, examples, and solutions for repairing, restoring, and healing broken father-child relationships created by degrading words from fathers. This insightful, practical, and compelling book focuses on helping fathers understand, reverse, and prevent the devastating effects of their demeaning words on their children. Rossi inspires and encourages fathers to make the necessary changes that will bless their children. He knows as a Christian counselor that this can only really be done with Jesus Christ. Rossi relies on and involves Christ in the explanation and healing process throughout his book. A Father's Words is based on Rossi's work with fathers and their children throughout his career. 


About Steve Rossi 

Steve Rossi, M.A., is a licensed professional counselor in private practice who provides Christian Counseling services in Houston, Texas. Steve does individual, family and marriage counseling. He does a lot of work with troubled children and teens, parenting, family and marriage relationships, men's issues, crisis, disaster, and grief counseling. Steve is especially interested in working with fathers. He enjoys helping men improve their fathering, resolve conflicts, and restore their relationships with their children. He also likes helping men answer the tough questions in life as they clarify their roles and relationships with God, family, work, and friends. He is committed to helping men remain faithful. He is always excited about what God can do with a person who is wounded and hurting emotionally. He knows that God will heal and restore them. Steve has seen God do this time after time for many years now. Steve does public speaking and writes newsletters and articles in addition to providing Christian Counseling services. Steve has been a mental professional since 1981. He has been a guest speaker on KSBJ, KHCB, and AFR Christian Radio Stations.

Steve's website: contains more information about Steve's practice, background, specialty areas, statement of faith, and mission. He also has numerous articles, newsletters, and videos on his website, in addition to links and suggested reading sections. Feel free to call or email Steve anytime about anything. He really enjoys helping people improve their lives as they follow Jesus Christ. Phone: 713.395.1555. Email:

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